Every situation is different. But if you are thinking about whether you need to talk to a lawyer, you probably should.

Frontline Law offers a free initial consultation. This is so we can talk about the problem you are having, and make sure that we can help you. If we think that working together is the right way forward, you will know exactly what services we can offer you and what they will cost before you make a decision to engage us.

Talking to a lawyer can feel like a big step but it is nearly always better done early on. Often things are able to be resolved much easier if you act early.

Most legal problems can be resolved more quickly and easily if you engage with a lawyer early. Don’t delay, contact Frontline Law for a free initial consultation.

Frontline Law is a team of talented lawyers, most of whom have previously served in the Armed Forces, New Zealand Police, and other uniformed organisations. 

The first step in getting support is to talk with a lawyer from Frontline Law about your situation and see what options we can offer you. Contact Frontline Law for a free initial consultation.