An initial consultation is a free meeting or phone call with a lawyer to help us understand your situation and determine if we are the best fit to assist you. This meeting usually lasts about 10 minutes, though it can go longer.

During the consultation, you will provide a summary of your situation, and we may ask clarifying questions. Everything you share is confidential.

Please note that we do not provide legal advice during the initial consultation. Instead, we will offer some options for you to consider. For example, we might suggest a Quick Assessment of your matter. We will also discuss potential costs and answer any billing questions you have.

There are two main reasons we cannot give legal advice during the initial consultation:

  1. We are not yet your lawyers. You need to decide to engage our services, and we need to agree to this engagement before we can provide legal advice.
  2. We need to understand your situation in more detail and consider the relevant laws before offering legal advice.

The initial consultation is free and is the first step in getting legal support.

Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.