Not automatically. However, lawyer fees are often part of a settlement agreement. That means that if you make a personal grievance, or in the military a complaint, as part of the resolution of it you can ask for your lawyer fees to be paid. The employer has to agree to do so and is not guaranteed, but it is possible.

If a matter is heard by a Court or the Employment Relations Authority and you are successful, you can be awarded costs. However, these costs are not intended to cover all your expenses but they help.

Frontline Law is cost conscious and focused on providing you value for money. We know that you want certainty of cost, so we won’t charge an hourly rate. Instead we talk to you about the work we will do for you and tell you how much it will cost. If things become more complex and more work is needed, we’ll talk to you about a revised quote before you incur any further costs. The full details of fees are in our terms of engagement which will be made available to you before we do any work for you.

Frontline Law is a team of talented lawyers, most of whom have previously served in the Armed Forces, New Zealand Police, and other uniformed organisations. 

The first step in getting support is to talk with a lawyer from Frontline Law about your situation and see what options we can offer you. Contact Frontline Law for a free initial consultation.