A union or association is well placed to support their members. In general, a union does a good job at supporting their members. However, sometimes the interests of an individual employee and the wider membership do not align. For example, if an allegation is of a sensitive nature or is the subject of public scrutiny, a union may feel pressure from the wider membership who are concerned at the impact on the reputation of their profession. Sometimes what is important to an individual employee is not as important to a union and his can influence the level of support that this provided. A union can be put in the difficult position of balancing the interests of the individual employee against the views of the wider membership. However, the employee is still entitled to a fair process and outcome.

The advantage in engaging Frontline Law to represent you is that our only loyalty is to you. As lawyers, we cannot do anything which would undermine our duty of loyalty to you, no matter what the public or other employees may say.

Frontline Law is a team of talented lawyers, most of whom have previously served in the Armed Forces, New Zealand Police, and other uniformed organisations. 

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