About Us
Frontline Law is committed to achieving the best outcome for you.

Matthew Hague, Director

Matthew has served in the New Zealand Defence Force and New Zealand Police in a number of roles, including as a technician, weapons engineer, frontline policing and in specialist tactical teams, police intelligence, and finally as a military lawyer. Matthew has appeared in a range of tribunals and courts and is committed to providing the best legal solution possible.

“I founded Frontline Law because I care about people. I use my knowledge and experience to achieve the best outcome for you. I focus not just on solving the legal issues but also on ensuring you can successfully continue in the workforce.”

Matthew is supported by a team of talented lawyers. The first step in getting support is to talk with one of the team about your situation and see what options they can offer you.

Victor Corbett, Senior Solicitor

Victor has served in the Royal New Zealand Navy as a military communications specialist, before working in various compliance roles and as an employment advocate. Victor has appeared in a range of tribunals and courts. Victor lives and works in Whangarei, and is passionate about advocating for his clients.

Shaun Baker, Associate

Shaun has served in the Army as a soldier and legal advisor; and Police as a prosecutor. Shaun’s military service has included an operational deployment. Shaun has a strong litigation background and approaches matters with a calm and considered mindset. Shaun lives in Wellington.

Tim Leighton, Solicitor

Timothy graduated from Canterbury University in 2021 and before joining Frontline Law, he practised in criminal law in Auckland. Tim enjoys litigation and has a particular passion for criminal defence work, and brings a good sense of humour and common sense to his work.

Kathryn Wang, Solicitor

Kathryn is a graduate of Victoria University of Wellington and is a solicitor at Frontline Law. Kathryn has been a volunteer advisor at Community Law and is enthusiastic about helping clients with their legal problems.

Isaac Woodd, Law Clerk

Isaac is currently studying at Victoria University of Wellington, finishing off his Conjoint Law and Classics degree. Isaac is dedicated to his research, providing thoroughly reasoned opinions to support the team at Frontline Law and their client base.

Megan Fitness, Law Clerk

Megan is a graduate of Otago University and has worked in various roles, including in the Police prosecution team. Megan brings a proactive approach to her work and is solution focused when helping clients. Megan enjoys sport, volunteering, and music.

Military Law

We are experts in military law and know how to get the best results.

Employment Law

Employment conflict is stressful – let us help you get the best possible outcome.

Regulation and Professional Discipline

We help people who are subject to special rules or regulations, like health workers, teachers, and others.


Sometimes formal legal proceedings are inevitable. You need experienced and expert legal advice to advocate for the best possible outcome for you.